Where I am Coming From…..

As a man of 71 years of age, I personally can NOT remember, not believing in Jesus, not even as a child. Yet I now can freely acknowledge, that Yes even Satan believes in Christ! But what was missing was a personalized relationship. Yes I would pray, but my prayers were as to the big Santa in the sky!

Yes, I know, the unbelievers, just shouted, “How can anyone have a relationship, personal or otherwise, with one being that is UNSEEN, and UNMET”? Well only by faith, can this be possible. However this word faith, like as God, has but one face, yet with many facets!

Faith, is as trust, as belief, as hope, as obedience, as knowing, due to the reading and study of the Word of God, while under prayer and asking for the Holy Spirit’ s guidance, for He is also known as the  Spirit of Truth, as well as The Comforter!

Can I prove that God in fact does exist? Directly no!    However, if there are any tobacco users, reading this, I was addicted for 45+ years, at the rate of a pack to a pack and one half per day! Oh, I’ve tried to stop using them, many times, sometimes, more than once per day! But since I’ve “met” Jesus, I got rid of all the tobacco and all the other stuff with it, and in prayer as asked God the Father, OK. LORD, I threw it all away, now I want you to remove the desire, the knowledge of, and even stop my absentmindedly reaching in my shirt pocked for another smoke! HE DID! I stopped cold! This was many years ago, and still do not use it today!

As noted I had no previous problem quitting, but staying quit well… that I was not able, ON MY OWN! Does that prove HE is? To me it does! But since then, there have met dozen’s of people I know, that suffered from heart attacks, to strokes, to cancers, that whose names were lifted up in prayers, that are are now fully healed! More than few without human interventions with drugs and chemotherapy or radiation!

These are enough for me, and I pray that they are enough proof for each of you as well!

Please remember this:  “Next time you are in deep water, turn to Jesus who can walk on the the water!”



john b.


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