“The Chicken and the Egg” Both are Miracles #8.

My many thanks to both the author and publisher: Jobe Martin–Biblical Discipleship Pub.{John B}

A fertilized chicken  egg is a very special creation. Have you not ever pondered about the how the chicken is able to form a shell around that slippery, raw egg? Have you, dear reader, ever thought of putting an egg back into its shell after it rolled off the counter?

Evolutionists hold that when a need arises in an organism, mindless, random change processes provide exactly, precisely and specifically what the organism needs to alter and improve it so that it will survive?

QUESTION: :How did the first chicken know it needed to make its shell with porosity?

The shell itself is highly specialized with it’s about 10,00 tiny holes or pores. How does that chicken n form a shell around a messy eggs and design the shell with porosity?  Put a raw egg in warm water and soon you’ll see tiny bubbles of air floating up, as this air is escaping from within the egg. This is the very air the developing chick needs these pores to breathe.

How can the mindless, random chance of evolution, enable a chicken to know it needs to manufacture its shell with pores? How does mother hen know that its offspring needs air to breathe and dead chicks do not evolve, do they?

Within the first few days after the fertilized egg is laid, blood vessels begin to grow out of the developing chick. Two of these attach to the membrane under the eggshell and two, attach to the Yoke. By the fifth day, the tiny heart is pumping blood through the vessels. What makes the blood vessels grow out of the chick, and how do they know here to go and to what to attach? The chick feeds from the yolk with the yolk vessels and breathes through the membrane vessels. If any of these vessels do not grow out of the chick or attach to the correct place, the chick will die.

The chick gives off carbon dioxide and water vapor as it metabolizes the yolk. If it does not get rid of this gas or the vapor, it will die. Yet these wastes are picked up by the blood vessels and leave through the shell’s pores. So pray tell, what types of evolutionary changes by random chance provided for all these crucial advancements, and all at the same time? If only one advancement is missing evolution ends with the chick’s death!

By the 19th day, the chick is just too big to get enough oxygen through the shell’s pores. It must do something or die. How does it know what to do then? By this time frame a small “Egg-tooth” has grown onto its beak. It uses this little tooth to peck a hole onto its air sack at the flat {big end] of the egg, This provided only enough air for 6 hours, so instead of relaxing and breathing deeply, with its new found supply of air, the chick keeps pecking until it breaks a small hole hole through the shall to gain access to outside air in adequate amounts.

Exactly on the 21 st  day, the chick breaks out of its shell. Now if ANY ONE of these steps is missing, or a day to soon or late, the chick dies!*

  • Bob Devine, “God In Creation” (Chicago, Moody Press 1982 pp 9-13

Each step in the development of the chick defies evolutionary logic. The Process must be been orchestrated by and with intellect, and that can only mean our Creator-God!

 John 1:1-3  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

John 1:14″ And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

Hebrews 1:1-2  “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;”

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Jobe Martin’s “The Pacific Golden Plover” Biblical Discipleship Pub.

My many thanks to all named in this titled blog from a book “The Evolution of a Creationist”by J. Marin. (John B)

This little bird, The Pacific Golden Plover, is great example of a bird that cannot be described in evolutionary terms. Alaska is its summer nesting grounds and Hawaii its winter home. Golden  Plover hens, raise their young each summer in Alaska. As soon as the young can fend for themselves, the adults take off for Hawaii, leaving the young behind! The young must gain both strength and weight to get ready for their long flight to winter with their parents!

NOTE(JB) Those baby birds, born in Alaska, have never been to Hawaii, do not know where it even is, yet they make it, year after year, How come?  Look at what we know about this bird and know that they have been full studied, yet men know not the answer, How can they do this?

The average weight of the Golden Plover before it leaves Alaska, to fly to Hawaii is 200 grams, or about the size of a Pigeon.  It is also a bird that does not swim, nor rests upon the water. Researchers have concluded that 70 grams of the 200 grams it weighs is a burn-able energy. Studies have shown that in flight, they burn about fuel at a rate of about one gram per hour. That means in 70 hours of flying is possible, but that points out a disastrous item, their fight takes 88 hours of continuous, non-stop flight! This little bird MUST fly for three days and four nights without food, or water , or rest, all if which tells science this is impossible!! But it does it, How?

They, without being taught, fly in formation that the front breaks the wind, taking less energy for the rest of the formation. New leaders are constantly rotating in and out. formation flight saves energy, so much so, that birds arriving in Hawaii’s exact locations with their parents, have been weighed to have as much as 6 grams of fuel left over,j in case of head winds along the way!.  Who put this knowledge in these birds?

Scientists are not certain how the plovers navigate from their locations, and back, since there no landmasses under their flights! The use of earth’s magnetic field seems to be the best solution at this point. Some have suggested that they may use the sub and the stars.. Plus the questions already posed, “How do the young birds, find their way to Hawaii without any experienced adults to guide them?” Even weeks after the young birds are left alone, without guided. Look at only 1 (ONE) degree of error over a 4,000 mile flight, the young birds will miss the Hawaii completely! Yet they never miss, landing within feet of their parents. So how can science, the human efforts to seek truth, totally to dismiss the Bible’s God, as the guiding force behind the incredible endurance and navigational abilities of this little Golden Plover, showing that NOTHING is too difficult or impossible or to menial for God our Creator!

 Jeremiah 32:17 “Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:”

  Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”

A major problem for evolution is the migration of the Golden Plover over ocean water with no place to rest between a

Alaska and Hawaii. Evolutionists usually teach that migratory animals learn their migratory routes over time and with experience. Let us IMAGINE a newly evolved bird that will evolve into a migratory bird. Our warm-blooded bird arrives in Texas after a lengthy, mindless, purposeless, random change, accidental evolution from a flightless, cold-blooded reptile, [How does a cold-blooded reptile give birth to a warm-blooded bird? Is this not ma huge leap of faith for a evolutionist to take?] Yet they ridicule the Creationists for having faith in the Unknown?

NOTE(JB) Are YOU dear reader, beginning to understand the why, I say evolution is nothing more than human assumptions?  Yes we see pictures of the two-headed snake, or the calf with one and one half heads, or the child born with a cleft-palate, or missing or stubby limbs, and fully accept these as facts for mutations, but who in their collective right-minds, would call these a good thing for any life-form!

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: BY DR. WERNER GITT’s “IN THE BEGINNING WAS INFORMATION” Bielefeld, germany Christilche Literatur-Verbreitung e. V. 1997. p.80.

It is impossible to set up, store, or transmit information without using a code. {language is a code}

It is impossible to have a code apart from a free and deliberate convention.

It is impossible that information can exist without having had a mental source.

It is impossible for information to exist without having been established voluntary by a free-will.

It is impossible for information to exist without all five hierarchical levels: statistics, syntax, semantics, pragmatic and apobetics.

It is impossible that information can originate in statistical processes.

Information is nonmaterial, but it requires material media for storage and transmission.

Information is not life, but the information in cells is essential for all living beings.

Information is a necessary prerequisite for life.

Life is nonmaterial, and it is not information, but both entities, matter and information, are essential for life.     Ibid ,. p 81

NOTE(JBH) To this IO say Thank YOU Dr. Gitt, for your simple yet profound facts of truth, that blows the evolution ship out of the water, and sinks it with a few honest words!

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Marvel of God’s Creation #7 “THE BEAVER” JOBE MARTIN?Pub. Biblical Discipleship Pub.

My many thanks to both Mr. Martin and his Publisher. John B.

The Beaver is another uniquely designed creation. The following is copied verbatim from CREATION EX NIHILO. [Created from nothing!] , Vol 15 No. 2, March-May 1993 , pp. 38-41. I hope you will see the value of subscribing to this creationist magazine  by contacting http://www.AnswersIn Genesis.org, as you read the words of author and scientist Denis Dreves:


The dam building ability of beavers is fairly well known, but beavers possess other amazing design features which God has included in their anatomy. beavers are air-breathing mammals which spend a great deal of time in the water. For this reason they need special equipment.     

First, the Beaver has special valves in its ears and nose. When the Beaver dives under the water, they automatically close, so that no water can enter. When it surfaces again, they open and it breathes.

Perhaps their most amazing piece of specialized equipment is their eye lids. If you have ever opened your eyes under water, you know that it will irritate your eyes, beside the fact that seeing underwater is something we can’t do well, without goggles! The water removes the natural lubricants for eyes, and they are the reasons why snorkelers wear goggles, but SO DO THE BEAVERS!   So man was NOT the first to think up the need for goggles God did in the Beavers!

God designed their eye lids, so that when they “CLOSE” their eyes, they still can see extremely well, due to their TRANSPARENT eye lids, which keeps the fluids in place, and protects them from waterborne irritants!

During winters, beavers must feed on bark of trees they have cut and stored in the autumn, sing their especially designed, self, sharpening front incisors, (perhaps the best known of a beaver’s pieces of equipment)  Collecting young trees, 1-2 inches in diameter, for food. Cut them to a suitable length and transporting them, by holding them in their mouth, to their under water cache, forcing the branches into the mud of the pond they have made.


Which brings another amazing design feature, God also used on the Crocodiles, the ability to chew or with the Crocs, to bit, without getting water down their windpipe, in the beavers they can actually chew under water, due to the fur-flaps between their front incisors and the rear molar teeth. A muscular flap from both sides meat in the middle to close of the all water from the rest of their mouth!

NOTE(JB) How does evolution explain these facts, that each beaver as and had to have from the first beaver set onward in time? Drowned beaver do not evolve,right?

The Beaver’s Tail, in not unlike that of the Platypus of Australia, oft described as a Creation of God’s’ left-over parts’,  but is also very unique. It is flat and broad, that it uses to slap the water as a danger signal, but also to steer itself. even across currants, while dragging a branch!

 The rear feet, are large and webbed like a ducks, making it a good swimmer. The two inner claws are of each foot have  split toenails, with which it grooms and oils itself to keep the fur clean and water proof.

The front feet are smaller and un-webbed giving the ability to carry mud and to dig channels they use to transport wood and as a means to quickly escape predators. The waterproofing oils, they must use to prevent ice-cold water from touching their skin comes from two large glands. They are filled with a rich, thick deep yellow oily liquid, which the beaver spreads on its fur for waterproofing. Thus along with its two layers of fur, are so effectively protected, that water seldom reaches the skin. A layer of fat beneath the skin gives further protections against the cold!. 

A Beaver can swim submerged for about 800 meters ( a meter is 39 inches} or about an 1/2 a mile, or more. Most mammals would be adversely affected by the lack of oxygen to the brain, but God designed the beaver with large lungs and liver to allow more storage for extra oxygenated blood. In addition, a beaver’s heart beats more slowly when it dives, in order to conserve oxygen while the vital supply is restricted to the animals’ extremities while the most of the blood  is sent to the brain.

QUESTION to evolutionists: how can blind and random chance accomplish this via evolutionary mutations, over great spans of time????? (JB)


  Beavers have built dams 100’s of meters long. Construction of the dam is done by cutting down frees and shrubs, dragging each piece to the dam-site, and laying them in the water parallel to the stream end facing upstream). Almost everything the beavers can find goes into the dam.. wood alive or dead, mud, grass, and rocks. When a beaver’s pond floods, mounting pressure on the dam can cause it to break. To prevent this, if there is time, the beaver engineers a spillway to relieve the pressure, then fixes it ater the water subsides.

  Beaver Lodges, are also a work of a master builder. They are built with sticks, and sealed from the cold with mud. The center of the roof is not sealed, which allows for some ventilation.  [NOTE(JB) How would evolution instill this into the minds of beavers?] Access is ONLY from under water, with more than one entry in case of the need to escape. The beavers gain access to their food larder even when the pond is frozen solid, and this becomes their only source of food.


Now unless and until all these various physical and mental “Gifts” are present, all at the same time, beavers would have not ever lived, agree? So evolution is KAPUT!


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Marvels of God’s Creation: “THE ANGLER FISH #6.

One of God’s truly amazing creations, is the Deep-sea Angler Fish. It inhabits more than one mile down in the deep. On her “fore-head” she,  they are all. . .ALL females… she has a “Fishing Lure” that is tipped with a “artificial lure”. However due to the depth, it’s always dark so she can’t see her food source, so IF and only if..evolution as men say is true, she’d starve to death waiting for evolution to solve her problem, right? Dead creatures do not evolve agree? Given that evolution holds a mindless change over millions of years, our angels fish would be extinct! Now to the evolutionists, this may not make much sense, but how can any fish survive even a few years without food? Let alone the time evolution says she needs?

Therefore, the ONLY possible solution is that God made His creatures fully equipped to handle all facets of life, and the ocean’s deep. On the tip of her “LURE” she has a light, bioluminescence light,”Cold-Light” . This comes from a highly advanced technology, there’s no heat! A compound called Luciferin is oxidized with the help of an enzyme that science calls Luciferase, and this reaction produces a heat-less light. Research scientists have broken down Luciferase into more than 1,000 proteins, but they as the date of this printing 20004, we still do not know how the heatless light is produced. {(JB) same product found in Glowworms, Fire-Flies, and the S. American Kingcajus {sp?} (Beetle, that people use to trap putting them in a basket, as a portable flash-light!)

Now ask any evolutionist how a deep-see fish could evolve all this in time, before she starves to death? Meaning none could look objectively as this fish and still believe it took millions of years of impersonal and random change to create this angles fish, can they?

Naturally she needs to reproduce to keep her kind from extinction, but even with a light she and a mate need to meet, agree? Well they do and her eggs are designed to float up to the surface, where they form a mass of jelly-like, on the surface, and they they hatch. The Young females and males, grow and mature on the surface. Now here it become different, the young male finds a female and bites and holds on to her abdomen, and soon after the the tissues of the female grows over the the tiny male fish and the female drops down to the depths, carrying her “Parasite” male with her, and never separate until her death. They found each other in the surface light, so how did all this complexity evolve by meare and random chance of long, long periods of time? PLUS, from what creature did this fish evolve from? Science has no answer!

Another huge difference with this fish as that unlike most fishes, she hse has no swim-bladder, and air msack to provide buoyancy and prevent her from sinking .If it had evolved without a an air bladder, it would sink and die. If it had an air bladder and had evolved the bait and light in surface waters, it would have been an easy pray for other predictors and “Survival of the Fittests” would force it into extinction.

Yet another feature of the Deep-Sea Angler fish is its special body, which is designed to prevent crushing.
A pressure of over 2,000 pounds per square inch is exerted on her body of this fish at a depth of a mile, she has no problems with this pressure.. On the other hand, if the first Anglers were surface fish and lost their air bladders ( let’s say, by some unknown genetic mutation} and then sank to the ocean floor, they’d be crushed, and dead fish do not reproduce nor evolve!

There was not one scientist present at the beginning, therefore all their ideas, theories and but human ASSUMPTIONS, period!

The Deep-Sea Angler fish was created to fill a space in God’s plan but also for us to look and think about it and its creation and Creator!

Romans 1:3-6 “Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead: By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name: Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ:”

For a deeper look at this fish: “The Natural Limits to Biological Change” by Lane P. Lester and Raymond G. Bohlin Zondervan, Pub. 1984.

Here’s another question no evolutionist can answer: “Men have found fully intact, Woolly Mammoths, frozen solid, in the Permafrost layers across the Northern Tundra, with fresh and bright yellow butter-cup flowers in their mouth and stomach, and must have been “Flash Frozen” or its digestive system would ,have all the least discolored the flowers in the belly! They have also found rhinos and other so-called “Tropical Animals and vegetation all frozen as ice well above the Arctic circle! We have pumped oil and dug coal from above this circle and we know that they are from temperate climes, plant life materials accumulated over time. But few seen to connect all the dots of common knowledge instead we go P.C and say Hail Evolution, man’s new god!

Yet here’s a Bible warning!

 Colossians 2:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

NOTE(JB) Rudiments: Strong’s 4747, something orderly in arrangement ,constituent element. What is the most common type of rock? Granite! Read about the “Halos” in these rocks, in Google or Wikipedia, and know earth is not Billions of years old!

Thus both Macro and Micro evolution is nothing more than a vain philosophical pie-in-the-sky, will-of-the-wisp dreams of men attempting an empty deception that God is not real! At best it is men attempting to explain with human reasoning God’s act of Creation!

If any man really knew the how of God’s creations, he[‘ds be God! That’s not possible!

NEXT: #7. The Beaver




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iN 1975, TWO STUDENTS  had the courage to politely challenge one of their professors (me) to defend his position on the Origins of things. That seemed to be a fairly easy job since I was convinced that huge volumes of factual scientific evidence proved evolution (over Billions of Years) to be true. By 1972, this professor’s stomach was churning with frustration! The evidence for an old universe promoted as proven fact by evolutionists was nowhere to be found. This is not to say that there was a lack of writing on this subject of evolution, but that there was no scientific evidence that is not wholly based upon human ASSUMPTIONS! {refer back to this topic it’s Jobe’s chapter 2, in his book “The Evolution of a Creationist”]

It was obvious to me in the early 1970’s that evolution needed long, long periods of time. If we could somehow, impose upon Genesis 1 a billion years for each day?  It would fit so nicely and the Bible would harmonize with evolution. Or so I thought!

24 hour days or Aeons of Time?

Those days of Genesis 1 are 24 hour days! If we believe the Bible, they cannot be one billion years each. Even the logic in down a brief account of the origin of man in overly simplistic terms. Many scholars say that it does not matter what the words say, but simply that it is the meaning or the message behind those “Word-Symbols” that is important!  However, if  that is true, we should throw out both the Greek and the Hebrew lexicons {dictionaries]} . For ever word in Genesis 1 is in the Hebrew lexicon, meaning that each and every word has definite meaning, and we can look up each word to find that meaning!. It is not some Nebulous “Word-Symbol”, {NOTE(JB) that is purely designed to fool our youth, who have not as yet the ability to add 2+2 and come up with 4!} that is limited ONLY by the extent of the imagination of the readers. Today, this is the method used on most University campuses, where this madness is called POSTMODERN DECONSTRUCTIONISM,. Naturally, if the true meaning of words is up to you or your Professors, then the meaning of any written word is rendered totally meaningless, as they have also done with the United Sates history!

more than 98% of the time that the word YOM [day] is used in the Old Testament, [over 2500 times]  means only the 24 hours of a day. Which many argue can be not only 24 hours , but even a 1,000j years in some circles, and million of years in another!

NOTE(JB):    Genesis 1:4-5 “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.”                                                       If all those who hold themselves wise, would only consider to read the Bible, after asking Heaven for wisdom, they would or should know, that The Creator had already set this earth spinning upon its axis, to give us a 24 hour day!  DUH!

Genesis 1:5 “And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

Jobe continues: We might ask, ‘Just how old was Adam? The Word tells us he lived for 933 years in Genesis 5:5. NOW IF. . if each day was one billion years does this mean he lived for 1 Billion, 500 million and 933 years? Is this not as if we take apples and oranges together in a blender and call the results a banana?

NOTE(JB) : Dear reader a Question:  “What came first, the Creation or all the so-called ‘Natural Laws’ “?        Now where did these laws come from? Would they not have been in play, or in force, BEFORE fany Creation began? If creation came first how would the resulting chaos have been controlled?  Why did the universe not collapse to the single strongest source of gravity, even today?  Yes man’s sciences found and wrote human ideas upon these so-called “Natural Laws” , but humans did not create them, so who did, other than a Creator God?

Remember, Jobe continues, If god wanted us to understand the days were longer than the 24 hours, He could have caused Moses to use the word “OLAM” which means a long period of time and can even mean everlasting! But He had Moses use YOM, which is dictated by earth’s rotations of 24 hour days! Who fails to see, that when we begin to change the Bible meanings, we make it very difficult, by our “Painting ourselves into a corner!”

 Genesis 1:29-30 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.”

NOTE(JB) This passage He makes it crystal clear that all life was vegetarian, as upt to the fall into sin, there was NO DEATH…..

Genesis 1:31 “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Yet evolutionists hold that sharp pointy teeth, indicate a carnivore, that kills and eats flesh. It must be they have not ever seen the mouth full of very sharp, pointy teeth in a fruit bat, that eats only fruit?

 Genesis 3:21 “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”

NOTE(JB) We are not told, in the Bible id God made the skins, or if He caused the death of animals to have the skins for our first Parents to cover themselves! This may have been the first death upon this earth, as God creates for the eternity, until sin entered into the world!

Jobe: The Bible must never be subjected to science, but THEORETICAL SCIENCE must always be subjected to the Bible!

Thus in the end we must each chose:

 Genesis 1:26-27 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”


The evolution’s theory of : Lightning hit slime to zoo to you! Thus “DEAD STUFF”, created life”

Note(JB) I chose the Bible’s rendition,as I know I am NOT a ape’s Uncle!

NEXT: Marvel of God’s Creation #6 The Angler fish.

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J Mr. Martin and his publisher. Martin’s “MARVEL OF GOD’S CREATION #.5 THE GIRAFFE”

MY THANKS TO BOTH Mr. Martin and his Publisher, previously made known (JB)

Let’s look at another of the many marvels of God’s Creation powers, The Giraffe!

Let’s also be honest with self, and admit, that in order for  any animal to survive long enough to reproduce itself, it must be functionally completed in order to survive. To do that it must either have the ability to defend itself against any and all predators, or be able to hide itself well enough, or have the speed to out run and the endurance to outlast its enemies!  No life form that’s half of one and half of another live form can do none of the above, for sake of argument, OK?

Bob Devine’s “God in Creation” ( Chicago: Moody Press, 1982 pp.35-37 shows how ten different animals and plants demand a Creator by their specialized features.

A mature bull giraffe stands at about 18 feet tall at the top of its head. In order to pump blood, (which is much heavier than water at 8.6 lbs /gal.) up that long and skinny neck it needs a powerful pump/heart, agree? His heart, second in size only to the largest of whales, can be up to 2.5feet long The heart’s pressures, and the heavy weight of blood combines a huge problem, when ever it lowers its head to take a drink of water. Under this condition, it more than enough for bursting the blood vessels of its brain, then it become lunch, end of evolution agree?

If as many in science hold, as their truth, then the mindless and totally random accidental chance processes, occurring over a vast amount of time, each time a giraffe spreads its front legs, drops its head down for water intake, it dies! Thus evolution as a method, came up woefully short!  Yet the giraffe lives, therefore there must have been some method to avoid the risk at the watering hole. Would Y O U agree that such a method would require a design and a designer, with intellect? As without either, how could there still be giraffes, as dead live forms cannot evolve, nor increase their numbers.

Even all the extinct fossil animals have all the needed part to exist, a partially formed skeleton, or fin, or ,beak is not ever been found, thus the “Missing Link” is still missing.All fossils and living forms are fully functional and perfectly suit to fill their niche!

So, let’s begin with the idea of evolution, shall we, “What is there in the Giraffe, that makes us all think, that it knew what it needed, in the way of self-protection, whenever it need water? THEN build the required protection system within itself before it died of thirst?  Silly, agree? But that’s what Y O U MUST except if you believe in evolution!

Happily, the Giraffe, does come, at birth, with all the protective mechanisms to avoid a brain hemorrhage each time it takes a drink of water. You see the Grand Designer, gave it a protective system of valves in the arteries that take and return blood to and from the its brain. As the Giraffe lowers its head the valves in the up artery in the neck begins to close, Blood beyond the highest and last valve continues to move to the brain, But instead of passing at a high-speed thus high pressures, to wards the brain, and damaging, or even destroying it, that last pumped blood is shunted under the brain, to a group of vessels similar to a sponge, called the “Rete Mirabile”.

Now it can safely lower it head, to drinK, but now this give the Bull another huge problem, if it sees a lion charging it for the kill , if it lifts its head and begins to run, its brain has an oxygen deficit and faints, it become lunch!  Yet, it get’s into high gear and out runs the lion, and lives, but how?

As the bull Giraffe lifts its head, the “Sponge” the “Rete Mirabile” surrounded by muscles, that rapidly closes, sending fresh oxygenated blood into the brain, while valves on the downside artery, partially close, maintaining proper blood pressure to the brain!

Thus we find in all giraffes these facts,j that no evolutionary idea, ca n fully account for without a Creator God!

1: A very large heart,and very strong, and bigger even than all but the large whales.

2: The series of valves that shut down and regulated the blood flow and pressures, as head is lifted or lowered.

3. The High pressure “Storage system”, the sponge-like ‘Rete Mirabile’.

4. All this to allow it to lower its head to drink, and to quickly lift it as dangers come near.

5: Without all these in place as working together, the first giraffe would  have been the very last one!

Thus the old wornout theory of evolution, that the antelopes (?) it times of drought, needed to reach ever higher on the trees for food, thus only those with the longest legs and necks survived driving the each generation to ever long legs and necks.However the best leaves for food value are at the tops of trees, so why did the giraffe stop at 18 feet, why are they not 60 or more feet in height, today?  Did evolution stop? Why was it, evolution, so very selective, avoiding most sharks, and many, many other life forms they claim are unchanged for millions of years?

Let’s take their “Fall-Back Position”, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!”  Now let’s think about this survival of the fittest idea. Does it support evolution, or does it fit creation?

Let’s look at nature, bulls will fight other bulls, for the females, right? So two Bulls one fully evolved Giraffe against one not quite so, they fight who wins? The not quite fully developed or the fully developed one? This idea fit the Bible’s creation story far better , that “Kind’ produces “Kind” than man’s  random chance,evolution.

Note(JB) Evolution as either a theory, or as since 1950’s “Accepted as Fact”, makes about as much sense as this ….”Take any automobile junk yard, throw in a large bundle of dynamite, wait for the dust, of ‘the Big-Bang’, to settle, and go find your new Cadillac that resulted, and drive it away!

Thank You for your time.

Questions?  Comments?   John at http://www.servant@frontier.com

NEXT: “The Ten Commandments and The Seven Days of Creation Week.”

Need More? Visit your Seventh-day Adventist church any Saturday/Sabbath at 9-10 AM. bring your Bible, you’ll need it! To learn about Jesus your older brother and mine.

Other sites: AFTV.org  ;   BLBN.org  ;  amazingdiscoveries.org. ; itiswritten.com





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Again my many thanks to both the author Jobe Martin and biblical discipleship publishers. (972) 771-0568, Rockwell TX 75032

When the fossil records are studied, the evidence for both, the Creationists, and the evolutionists, are exactly the very same! So why the huge divergence?

(John B) To fully and honestly answer this question, we need to review recent history, but without the Progressive Liberal Revisions! I dare say, up to the 1800’s much of the western world’s peoples, accepted as written the Holy Bible’s, God as the both the designer and Creator of all that is within the Universe!  The Satan the devil, in whom few evolutionists believe he exists, found a few “Converts” for his evolution ideas, that fully and totally removed God from the picture of Creation!

Now, during the first part of the 1800’s there were 6 men, from six nations, who were closely studying the books of Daniel, of John and of Peter, of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and each came to the same conclusion, but each also contained a huge error! The each understood, that the “Cleansing of the Sanctuary”.

Daniel 8:14 “And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.”

Then, as many now, look in error to Jerusalem and her new yet to be built Temple, on the original grounds! That’ll start a war!

What all these people did not understand was this Sanctuary is NOT on this earth but with God in heaven!

Hebrews 8:2″ A minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and not man.”

Hebrews 9:1 “Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worldly sanctuary.”

Therefore, as plain as a a nose on a face, there were TWO Sanctuaries, the earthly and the original one in Heaven! That Heavenly Sanctuary, was the one to be cleansed [from sins] by Christ Himself as the Everlasting High Priest., This began in 1848 just as Daniel was given this prophetic time frame.This began the Judgments of the dead.

The Living, to date have not yet been judged, as per God’s Word! many men teach differently, but who studies the the Words of god these days? Now you know the why in also 1948 Charles Darwin’s Book Origin of the Species, rough draft was made public, PLUS another book, “Das Kapital” came out along, by Karl Marx, and his friend’s book, ” Communist Manifesto” by Engels, and all three men knew each other very well!

“Das  Kapital” in an digest of errors slamming the free-market system of Capitalism, while the book “Communist Manifesto” is the bible of communism and the birth of trade unionism! Yet none of these books are widely read, the the masses! It is the left elitists, that know these works, and put out very ,very selective information from them to the public! One fact on Darwin’s book none speak to nor address is this his statement, as best as I recall it: “It is the white race, who have evolved the most, the colored races are much further behind in their evolutionary journey! It is this very thought, that urged on Hitler’s and Stalin’s erroneous ideas of all non-whites being sub-human! Worthy only as slave labor, to be worked to death or exterminated wholesale!.  That my friend, is the peak of Evolutionary Atheism at work! But is that not what our common enemy is all about? His drive for 6,000 plus years has been to separate humans from the Creator God!


When studies at the molecular level of molecules, cells or fossil bones, the evolutionary ancestors of people {ape-man or man-like-apes] are not to be found. In spite of this elaborate attempts are made to “PROVE” that man evolved from early primates {Ape-like creatures]. As one surveys the literature regarding our SUPPOSED human evolutionary ancestors, not much is found in agreements. A claim by one evolutionist is negated with claims by another!

NOTE(JB): Can this divergence of thought be founded upon the human suppositions? Please know, that in Darwin’s time, the best microscopes available, a living cell, just looked like a Blob of Gelatin. Today a living cell has as much business within it as a does a square block of New York at rush hour! We have Billions of cells in our bodies! Besides when we shave ALL the hair {evolution ideas] from this “animal” all that is left is this simple statement: “DEAD STUFF CREATED LIFE”! huh????

A JOKE 4 U! If we came from apes, why are there still apes in trees?

A: They stayed in trees, not wanting to be mistaken for Ph.D’s.!

Who knew that from one tooth, found in Nebraska, by farmer plowing his field, who gave it to a PhD, at the nearest University, who transported it to London England, whereby the faculty produces a drawing of a family of four! Happily, however, for truth’s sake, the same farmer plowing in the same flied, found a jaw bone with one tooth missing, and it joined the route of the tooth,the year before. However the jaw bone “cavity” that one tooth found it fit perfectly! The problems then arose due to the simple fact the jaw bone was that of PIG, Yet the Nebraska man and his family are still found in school text books!

Plus who knew, that with the finding of bones labelled the Neanderthal Man, they moved the jaw bone forwards as much as 1/2 out in front of the socket, to provide a more ape-like presentation! Yet, Y O U, my friend, still think that human science is all about men’s search for truth?


NATURE VOL. 244,1972 ,P.313 Both Alan Walker and Peter Andrews wrote that in their studies, that the jaw of Ramapithicus was that of a true ape, and not a human-like ancestor.

Please read: Bones of Contention” Marvin Lubenow Baker Books Grand Rapids, Mich.                                                   The Illustrated Origins Answer Book Paul S. Taylor {Eden Productions, P.O.Box 41644 Mesa, AZ. 85274-1992}

YET,in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, much of the scientific community ruled Ramapithicus ( an ape-like creature) ancestral to the Orangutan or to an ape. When considering Ramapithicus in 1973, Alan Walker and Peter Andrews wrote their belief that the jaw of Ramapithicus was that of a true ape  Ibid: Nature,(above.)

Sadly, in 1982 the son of Louis and Mary Leakey ( world famous pioneers in the study of “Prehistoric man” stated: “Ramapithicus are thought to be the group from which our ancestors evolved”

Richard E. Leakey, “Human Origins, Lodestar Book {New York: E.P. Dutton 1982. p.20

NOTE(JB) I hereby declare that the Moon is thought to be made out of Green cheese!                      How’s that for ambiguity, it’s as wide  circle of thought as the Leakey’s?


Both the Ramapithicus ad the Piltdown men MUST be discarded, the latter was proven a hoax in 1953. Its filed teeth and bone had been stained to make it appear ancient  Delta Williams “The Hominid gang: The Behind the Scenes”- in the search for Human Origins (New York[- Viking Press 1089 p. 24.

NOTE(JB) Are you, dear reader beginning to get a distinct picture, that when it comes to evolution these so-called, ” seekers of truth”, are more like cheep rugs?

It was as late as 1967, the Prestigious (?) Harvard University Press, was still promoting the Piltdown Man Hoax as a possible “MISSING LINK,” between apes and man, when it had been proved to be a hoax back in 1953!!!! Percy E. Raymond, Prehistoric Life (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, pp. 282-283.


Hesp0eropithicus haroldcooki: was formed, as a drawing of  a man, a woman . All from ONE SINGLE  TOOTH!! Evolutionist Henry Fairfield Osborn. of the American Museum of Natural History, published in the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS (June 24, 19220 a picture of man and woman and their tools. ALL from this one tooth! A t a latter time, the same farmer, plowing in the same flied where he found this said tooth, found a jaw with one tooth missing, this now Infamous tooth fit perfectly into that socket of the jaw was was from a PIG!   ibid: The Hominid Gang P.22


Dr. Percy E. Raymond- Harvard University: “Neanderthal man in actual cranial capacity was larger that that of the average European, some skulls measuring 1,600 CC.  Ibis Raymond p.281.

Donald C. Johanson & Maitland A. Edey “LUCY: The Beginning of Mankind (New York: Simon & Schuster ,1981. p.20 had this to say:

“Neanderthal man. He was another Homo (Man) Some think he was  the same species as ourselves.”

NOTE: Many a photograph of both the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon skulls have been taken with the jaw bone out of the socket by as much as one-half inch, to make it look more ape-like!. SCIENTIFIC TRUTH IS AN OXYMORON!  when it comes to evolution, they are lying as cheep rugs! All in their quest to remove God from the equation of life!  By the way D. Johanson is an avowed evolutionist, but on this point  about the Neanederthals and Cro-Magnons, he’s honest!


A total puzzle, all that remains through the W.W. 2’s upheavals, are some photographs, but all the bones are missing, and none can seem to agree on what bones nor how many there were! Pictures show skulls with holes in the back, as if the brain had been removed, to the speculation that hominids did this for food!                    Marcellin Boule, “Fossil Men” (Drydon Press, 1857 , p.535.


An other commonly mentioned Homo erectus is the Heidelberg man. Evolutionist Johanson writes: “Heidelberg Man, for example was named Homo-Heidelbergensis. His finder recognized that he was a man and thus, belonged in the genus Homo, but he decided to put him in a species of his own!  Ibid Raymond p. 280 .


To be fair to the evolutionists, the fossil skeletons that they put together are almost always composites. In order to put them together as completed as possible, however, the bones they have found came from the same creatures and often from many different locations.


Even both are open to question. The star of this “Human Ancestor”  is Donald Johanson’s 31/2 foot tall “Lucy”, thought to be the first creature to walk up-right on two legs, instead of four as apes still do. All “HER”, bones resemble human as per theory, but for her very human-like knee joint, she looks and is built more like the skeleton of an extinct pygmy chimp.

Sir Solly Zuckerman, “Beyond the Ivory Tower: (Ney York Taplinger Pub, Co. pp.89-91 tells the readers, that “lucy” was and is an ape!

http://www.icr.org   and or: http://www.answersingenesis .org  for books called: Bones of Contention” by Marvin Lubenow. “The Fossils Still Say NO” by Dr. Duane Gish can be purchased here or at many Christian Book Stores.

“Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, p. 240 Richard Milton wrote:

“In human anthropology, each new fragment of bone or tooth is enthusiastically greeted as further evidence of man’s decent by natural selection from an apelike creature when—every single find of this sort has been definitively assigned to either humans or apes, not to any intermediate category.                                                                    This intellectual degeneracy is the outward expression of the fact that neo-Darwinism has ceased to be a scientific theory and has been transformed into an ideology– an overarching belief system that pervaded all thinking in the life sciences and beyond.

NOTE(JB) WOW! Does his statement not prove that it takes faith, a huge amount of faith to believe in evolution, much , much more than it takes to believe in God?

But it also proves that Good science and truth are the same coin, of two sides, plus a large degree of hard work!


This is seen in the art-work in text-books, and Museums where fossil finds are rendered to look nearly human in a total effort to depict the gradual evolving from a monkey-likeness to man!  Up to and including a human like big toe to be as our big toes, rather than the ape like foot that has its big toes like out thumbs!

NOTE(JBH) No doubt you have heard that there’s only 3% of difference in DNA between us and the chimps, right? But do they also tell us that there even less difference in the DNA comparison between humans and common slug? Or even a cabbage?  NO they don’t, because that is not their goal, with is to try and disprove God’s Creative powers! And guess who else is in this very same business of deceptions?

SATAN!  So who has he deceived?


Today, the best estimate of earth’s total population is around 7.6 Billion people, but estimates for 1600 A.D. place earth at around 2.5 Billion. Even in 1990 it was at 6 billion, so how can it be possible for humans to inhabit and multiply on earth for 2.5 Billions of years and still have about 2.5 Billion up to as late as the 1600? When we have had an increase of of 1.6 Billion from 1990 to 2016 present? Should we not have been over-populated centuries ago? Bible’s time frame has Adam and Eve’s creation at 4004 B.C. or just over 6,000 years ago!                                                                                     If as the evolutionists claim of human occupancy for 2.3-2.6 million years, would we not be living lip to lip, in order to still have land to grow foods? Yes wars cause millions to die, but even W.W.1 and 2 cost about 200 million deaths for all causes, that still a lot less than billion! The US of A.had 150 million in 1941, yet today it stand at 325 million, in only 75 years!

Another glaring discrepancy of the old earth idea, is to look at the river deltas of the world. The Amazon,The Nile, Ganges, and the Mississippi rivers are carry huge loads of silt, which gets deposited at the mouths, if they have been into existence for billions of years, their deltas, would have expanded for hundreds of miles into the oceans. Plus much of the salt in the salt water oceans has come from the land, now if earth were billions of years old why are earths oceans not nearly as salty as the dead sea of Lake Bonneville in Utah? Earth this old, the oceans would have enough salt dissolved in them, that we could almost walk on the water!

Please read Psalm 19; For God’s point of view!

Next Marvel of God’s Creation #5  THE GIRAFFE.

Thanking Y O U for your time! Questions? Comment? John at http://www.servant@frontier.com

Today is the day, to claim in loving obedience, your savior Jesus Christ.










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